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The only learning companion you need now

Maibrain is an AI-powered learning platform that combines the science of learning with the power of the internet to help you learn faster, remember more, and develop your skills.

All-in-one toolkit for lifelong learners


Every day, you spend hours on the internet gathering information to do your learning. Now, with Maibrain, you can save precious time by organizing all your resources in one place.

The Maibrain allows you to save and take notes on web pages, PDFs, videos, and podcasts for later viewing. With Maibrain, it's easy to keep track of what you're learning with one account that spans all three modules - Explore, Learn & Master - making it simple for learners of all ages and abilities..

Search-able knowledge graphs

Maibrain is a mind-mapping application to help you navigate and organize knowledge. The main idea is that storing thoughts in a structured manner can make it easier for your brain to recall and cross-reference ideas.

It's like an interconnected network of notes, files, ideas, and mimics like a brain: each idea connects with others to form new thoughts as nodes. You can also explore how two ideas or nodes are connected. In short, you can virtually see how your brain connects your knowledge and surf through them with our knowledge graphs.


Never forget again

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We forget 70% of what we learn within a day of learning it.Maibrain's spaced repetition algorithm facilitates learning at an accelerated pace so that you can master any topic in minutes. It helps you remember things by prompting you to review information at just the right time.

Maibrain is the first spaced-learning app to use artificial intelligence in the creation of repetition items. It means a better way to learn and remember for students and active learners.

Nuggets of information are presented just at the right time for your brain to remember the best.

Study smarter, not harder

 Take your mind to the next level through powerful collaboration tools, personalized learning analytics, and more. With Maibrain, you can get rid of all your other productivity tools because this one does it all. 

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