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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

" The ability to memorize well is one of the main determinants in academic, professional and personal success ."

Never forget again

It's a well-known fact that we're bad at remembering things. Learners will rapidly lose their memory of learned knowledge in a matter of days or weeks unless the information is consciously reviewed. Some studies* suggest that humans forget approx 50% of new information within an hour of learning it. That goes up to an average of 70% within 24 hours.

Don't worry; there is a solution known as spaced repetition.

Learn more in less time

Maibrain's spaced repetition algorithm facilitates learning at an accelerated pace so that you can master any topic in minutes. It helps you remember things by prompting you to review information at just the right time.

We created Maibrain to revolutionize spaced learning. Other spaced-learning products only generate the content manually. Maibrain is different in that it generates both the content (flashcards and quizzes) and spaced repetition items with the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

Study smarter, not harder

Maibrain is the first spaced-learning app to use artificial intelligence in the creation of repetition items. It means a better way to learn and remember for students and active learners.

Nuggets of information are presented just at the right time for your brain to remember best. So, With Maibrain, you can take care of your health, prepare for exams, and improve your skills at work and Achieve More.

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