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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Every day, you spend hours on the internet gathering information to do your learning. Now, with Maibrain, you can save precious time by organizing all your resources in one place.

Capture your ideas

Start using Maibrain today to capture and link your ideas. And It is designed for thinking and long-term knowledge management.

Search-able knowledge graphs

Maibrain is a mind-mapping application to help you navigate and organize knowledge. The main idea is that storing thoughts in a structured manner can make it easier for your brain to recall and cross-reference ideas.

It's like an interconnected network of notes, files, ideas, and mimics like a brain: each idea connects with others to form new thoughts as nodes. You can also explore how two ideas or nodes are connected. In short, you can virtually see how your brain connects your knowledge and surf through them with our knowledge graphs.

Index and search your knowledge.

With our powerful search tag system, you can index and search all of your knowledge and find what you need with just a tap.

Your cognitive potential is limitless.

Take your mind to the next level through powerful collaboration tools, personalized learning analytics, and more. With Maibrain, you can get rid of all your other productivity tools because this one does it all.

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