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Story Time

Maibrain is the all-in-one workspace that helps you store, organize, take notes and memorize your knowledge with the help of AI.


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Story Time

It's time to build your knowledge base and remember more.

No more Distractions

Stop wasting your time switching between apps. Maibrain allows you to save and take notes on web pages, PDFs, videos, and podcasts for later viewing.  With our app, you can organize all your learning resources in one place for easy access.

Your Second Brain

It is hard to keep track of new information.  Maibrain makes it easy for you to find what you need. You can browse, search or create new tags to make learning more manageable.

The AI-powered knowledge graphs will push your learning to the next level.

 Achieve Knowledge Mastery.

Maibrain uses a state-of-the-art algorithm for spaced repetition and keeps track of how many times you have memorized your knowledge and ensure that you never forget what you have learned.

Whether it's through AI generated flashcards or quizzes in your target language , Our App will help you remember what you have learned with just a couple of taps.

And many more features to become better .                   

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I love this app right from the concept .This is going to make active learners life much easier.

Ravi,Solutions Architect

No matter if you are a working professional or a student ,this app going to become mandatory for your daily life.



Maibrain is amazing, I cannot stress how much it helped me in just 24 hrs to take my learning to the next level